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SILK PLASTER wall covering is innovative material produced by our company

Our product is patented and protected by law for the protection of intellectual property

welcome to the website of liquid wallpaper manufacturer

Soon SILK PLASTER at the biggest exhibitions in Europe! Wellcome to visit our stands:

02-06 November 2015 
Batimat, Paris, France
Hall 5B, Stand R11
25-29 November 2015
Heim und Handwerk
 in Munich, Germany
Hall B2, Stand 308

SILK PLASTER manufacturer company since 1997. Since that time we have had a stable, strong and successful growth of SILK PLASTER sales. Nowadays we deliver SILK PLASTER liquid wall covering to many countries in Europe, Middle East, Asia, Africa, Canada and Australia. We achieved solid positions across the world through high quality, amazing colors and affordable price of SILK PLASTER liquid wall coating. 

Now we expanding our distributorship net and we are looking for new partners all over the world! Our main offices are located in MOSCOW | RIGA | BERLIN | KIEV | DUBAI. We are looking forward to meet your company as our dealer or representative office in your country! Go to PARTNER section.

SILK PLASTER wall coverings got a Golden Medal during the exhibition in Bulgaria in October 2015! 

SILK PLASTER__Bulgaria_3.jpg SILK PLASTER__Bulgaria_4.jpg SILK PLASTER__Bulgaria_5.jpg


SILK PLASTER is participating in several international exhibitions in Europe and all over the world. Welcome to visit us:

2-6 November 2015
Heim und Handwerk 
25-29 November 2015
BIG 5 
23-25 November 2015
 16-21 January 2017

RECOAT – new collection of decorative wall coverings from SILK PLASTER! More information.

SILK PLASTER is the official partner of TV-shows channel TNT

Have a look at the designer projects made with liquid wallpaper SILK PLASTER: 

"PRO DECOR""School of renovation"

SILK PLASTER_and_School_of_renovation_13.jpgborderlineSILK PLASTER_and_School_of_renovation_3.jpgborderlineSILK PLASTER_and_School_of_renovation_2.jpg
Sydney opera, August 2015
collection: Art Design № 222
Avtodetskaya, April 2015
collection: "East № 960"
Cabin joy, March 2015
collection: "East № 958"

SILK PLASTER_and_School_of_renovation_10.jpg
borderlineSILK PLASTER_and_School_of_renovation_11.jpg borderline SILK PLASTER_and_School_of_renovation_12.jpg

Pink parrot's room
ноябрь 2014
collection: "RECOAT № 165"
Nursery for the Angel A, October
collection"West №933"
Brutal glamour”, September
collection"Victoria № 708"

SILK PLASTER_and_School_of_renovation_5.jpg borderline SILK PLASTER_and_School_of_renovation_9.jpg
borderline SILK PLASTER_and_School_of_renovation_8.jpg

Fairyland for the queen Eve, July
collection "Victoria № 702"
Versailles at the Freedom street, April 2014
collection "Ecodecor № 107"
Magic lessons in life, April 2014
collection "East № 952"

SILK PLASTER_and_School_of_renovation_7.jpg
borderline SILK PLASTER_and_School_of_renovation_6.jpg
borderline SILK PLASTER_and_School_of_renovation_14.jpg

Heringbone bedroom, December 2012
collection "Victoria № 713"
Girls club, October 2013
Under the wing of airplane, July 2013
collection: "South № 941"

SILK PLASTER_and_School_of_renovation_4.jpg
borderline SILK PLASTER_and_School_of_renovation_1.jpg

Neoclassicism under vitrage, April 2013
Fairy forest (PRO DECOR), 2013


We constantly develop and improve its textures and colors, following the fashion in design. Today our company produces more than 100 different colors of SILK PLASTER liquid wall coating with unusual textures. Go to CATALOGUE of SILK PLASTER liquid wallpaper colors and textures.

We constantly expand our machinery many of which are specially designed to fit our particular production purposes. We apply European scientific management, first class equipment and high-grade raw materials to ensure excellent quality wall coating as well as healthy product.

People are tired from common wallpapers and paints and that is why it is our mission now to substitute boring and non-ecological materials with SILK PLASTER liquid wallpaper. We offer ecological material from SILK which looks luxury on the walls and create very expensive interior but per small investments. People prefer to have exclusive design of their apartment.

As raw ingredients we use only naturally extracted products such as SILK and CELLULOSE, decorative mineral additives and adhesive, that is why SILK PLASTER IS A GREEN PRODUCT! To know more go to DESCRIPTION section.

All used components are natural and that is why SILK PLASTER liquid wall covering is environmentally safe for residential and commercial structures. 

SILK PLASTER liquid wall covering had been also granted with CE mark, confirming that SILK PLASTER is produced according to European standards of quality. We were also awarded with many Certificates and Diplomas. We constantly participate in different international exhibitions. Only in March and April 2014 we and our dealers participate in 8 exhibitions in different countries of the world! SILK PLASTER wall covering is presented at the exhibitions: NATIONAL HOME SHOW – Toronto (Canada), NORDBAT – Lille (France), InterBuildExpo – Kiev (Ukraine), DIY&HANDMADE – Seoul (South Korea), Supernamai – Vilnius (Lithuania) and also at the 3 exhibitions in Moscow. Go to EXHIBITION section.

Have a look at the videos with SILK PLASTER during the exhibition:

SILK PLASTER during the exhibition 
Artibat 2014 in Rennes, France

SILK PLASTER during the exhibition 
BATIMAT 2013 in Paris

SILK PLASTER wall coverings during the exhibition
BIG5 2012 in Dubai, UAE

SILK PLASTER during the exhibition 
BATIMAT 2011 in Paris

The wide variety of SILK PLASTER’s colors ensures the universal usage in any king of buildings. Lights colors are very ideal for small size apartments, bright colors can help to make the big halls look grand and ceremonial, classical white color will create official atmosphere in your office. It's very interesting to make experiments with the colors. Combining different colors and textures you will turn usual wall into designer’s splendid apartments with only SILK PLASTER liquid wallpaper. Go to PHOTO GALLERY of our works.

One of the main advantages of SILK PLASTER liquid wall covering is that you will never need to clean it. It also doesn’t absorb dust! By the way, SILK PLASTER liquid wall covering is not only ecological but has no smell all its life. Also it is very flexible and can be applied on columns, pillars and etc. As well it insulates heat and hold walls warm, moreover SILK PLASTER liquid wall paper allows walls to breathe! It's a great pleasure to touch the wall with SILK PLASTER finish coating! Go to BENEFITS of SILK PLASTER.                                                                                                

 Are you going to make a renovation with SILK PLASTER wall coverings?
Take pictures! Shoot video! Or both! 

From 30 November 2014 our company with the famous TV-show about renovation and interior design  
“The house question” (the official web-site Peredelka.TV) hold the new Action:


IMPORTANT: SILK PLASTER finish coating is referred to Do-It-Yourself (DIY) products. You don’t need any special plastering skills to apply SILK PLASTER liquid wallpaper for interior design. You also don’t need any technical equipment, just plastic trowel. You can learn to plaster while applying SILK PLASTER finish coating on the surface and luxury design will inspire you during many years, because SILK PLASTER liquid wall covering is very durable and efficient material. Go to INSTRUCTION section to know about application method of SILK PLASTER liquid wall coverings for interior design.

SILK PLASTER wall covering is especially attractive for those who:

- do not want to pay much but desire to have a luxury design of apartments

- are tired from common paints and obsolete wallpapers and seek for new approach to apartment’s design

- take care of time and choose “easy to apply” and “ready for use” products - worry about health and prefer ecologically safe products.

ATTENTION: SILK PLASTER liquid wall covering is supplied in packs and ready for use! Just add water! There is a pack with glitters in each SILK PLASTER wall covering pack. You can add glitters by desire. We are very focused on broadening our distribution and establish strong relations with new partners all over the world and we welcome new distributors and dealers worldwide to market SILK PLASTER liquid wall covering in open territories.


SILK PLASTER liquid wallpaper is “DIY” or “DO IT YOURSELF” product!
Silk Plaster eco friendly.jpg

SILK PLASTER liquid wallpaper is Quick and Easy to apply!

SILK PLASTER liquid wallpaper is natural, odorless material!

SILK PLASTER liquid wallpaper makes NO JOINTS!

SILK PLASTER liquid wallpaper is very elastic material!

SILK PLASTER liquid wallpaper is “READY TO USE”! Just add water!

SILK PLASTER liquid wallpaper hides uneven, old and faded walls.

SILK PLASTERliquid wallpaper allows partially repair!

SILK PLASTER liquid wallpaper is perfect for new building, NO CRACKS!

SILK PLASTER liquid wallpaper is long lasting and durable material!

SILK PLASTER liquid wallpaper is antistatic, so NO DUST & DIRT!

SILK PLASTER liquid wallpaper is additional insulation of heat, moisture and sound!

SILK PLASTER liquid wallpaper is permeable (allows walls to breathe)!

SILK PLASTER liquid wallpaper is available in a large variety of natural and vibrant colors, shades and different textures!


Silk wall coverings SILK PLASTER are available in many countries of the world (Lithuania, Ireland, Latvia, the United States, India, Canada, UAE, Brazil, India, Israel, Kuwait, Bahrain, Romania, Slovakia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, South Korea, Ukraine, Azerbaijan and others).
Go to 


Our company is looking for any kind of cooperation in any part of the world! We exports SILK PLASTER to many countries, but we are focused to develop our distribution net in the other Middle East countries, KSA, Oman, Lebanon, Qatar, Yemen, Bahrain, Oman, Pakistan, Kuwait, Irak, India, to European countries Netherlands, Bulgaria, Belgium, France, England, Uzbekistan, Belarus, Estonia and Germany, African countries such as Algeria, Tunisia, Morocco, South Africa, Egypt, Nigeria, Uganda and etc. We are also looking for partners in Argentina, USA, Canada, Mexico, Malaysia, Thailand, Portugal, Finland, Latvia and Lithuania, Romania, Slovakia, Poland, Ukraine, Singapore, Vietnam, Armenia, Cyprus, Spain and Italy, Malta, New Zeland, Greece, Norway, Dominicana, Philippines, Ghana, Hungary, Maldives, Madagaskar and other countries all over the world.

Starting business with us our Partners are always sure in the quality, availability and demand of our product. Go to PARTNER section. We are looking forward to meet your company as our dealer or representative office in your country!

Please, contact us and we suggest you our Best Selling types and provide you with strong advertising support such as catalogues, stands, promo samples and booklets.


  • ECO-safe material

  • Easy to apply

  • Noise and heat insulation

  • International awards

  • European quality certificates

What is a liquid wallpaper

To know more about SILK PLASTER unique liquid wallpaper, produced by our company, please, watch the video below:

Silk Plaster | Instruction - Liquid Wallpaper

Useful and interesting movie about Silk Plaster application method and benefits

Silk Plaster liquid wallpapers - Decorative silk plaster

Photos of beautiful interiors made of SILK PLASTER wall coverings and some useful ideas for interior design. The movie includes the video from the winner of the main prize in our last promo action Tarelko Pavel.


  • SILK PLASTER exhibition calendar

    SILK PLASTER exhibition calendar

    SILK PLASTER has great plans in participation in exhibitions this year! Follow our news and come to visit us!

    2-5 September 2015 KazBuild Almaty, Kazakhstan
    8-11 September 2015 - BUDPRAGRES Minsk, Belarus
    9-11 September 2015 - Design and Decor St. Petersburg
    September 28-October 3, 2015 - Plovdiv International Fair in Bulgaria
    21-24 October 2015 - BakuBuild, Baku, Azerbaijan
    02-06 November 2015 - Batimat, Paris, France
    25-29 November 2015 - Heim und Handwerk in Munich, Germany

    SILK PLASTER masters conduct master classes on drawing, will present new collections will tell everything about the properties and possibilities of SILK PLASTER wall coverings! Come to visit us! We will be glad to see you!

  • Exhibition HomereFair in South Korea August 2015

    Exhibition HomereFair in South Korea August 2015

    13-16 August 2015 SILK PLASTER distributor in South Koreaв took parrt in the exhibition HomereFair! Have a look at the amazing pictures!

  • Thank you for visiting us at the exhibition MosBuild 2015!

    Thank you for visiting us at the exhibition MosBuild 2015!

    SILK PLASTER would like to thank all visitors of our booths at the exhibition MosBuild 2015 from 31 March to 3 April! This year was very successful for us and our booths attracted many visitors! More information and photos are available in the detailed news!

  • SILK PLASTER at the exhibitions in Moscow and St. Petersburg

    SILK PLASTER at the exhibitions in Moscow and St. Petersburg

    The manufacturer of SILK PLASTER wall coverings takes part in the biggest construction exhibition in Moscow and St. Petersburg! Come to visit us!

    From 18 to 21 March – InterStroyExpo 2015; CEC EXPOFORUM, Saint-Petersburg, Russia. Booth D625, hall F
    From 31 March to 3 April – MosBuild 2015. Expocentre, Moscow, Russia. Our booth: J419, Hall 3.

  • SILK PLASTER promo campaign | Participant from India

    SILK PLASTER promo campaign | Participant from India

    SILK PLASTER promo campaign is going on! We are waiting for your works with SILK PLASTER wall coverings! The participants from every country of the world can take part! Have a look at wonderful work from our participant from India

  • The visit of SILK PLASTER dealers from Brazil

    The visit of SILK PLASTER dealers from Brazil

    Our distributors of SILK PLASTER wall coverings from Brazil have visited our SILK PLASTER office from 22 to 26 January. The visit turned out very eventful and fruitful. A lot of photos and warm memories remained. Have a look at the photos!